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Shot 1 (Xmen - Dark Phoenix)

deep compositing, keying, integrating 3d renders with plate and managing correct layering and intersection and interaction between cg and plate, cg magneto and plate magneto blending, beam comp and interactive lightiing and lens flare setup 2d element atmosphere, additional nuke particle atmoshere, ground char and burn mark look development, 2d volume rays on some of the headlights

Shot 2 (Maleficent)

Compositing FX magic with 2d fixes and enhancement, layering of magic element, CG wing comp, additional2d interactive lighting of magic, falling chair retime and adding cloth on the chair

Shot 3 (Call of The Wild)

Full CG comp, ENV lookdev

Shot 4 (Call of the Wild)

Full CG comp, Spitz lookdev

Shot 5 (Maleficent)

Compositing CG creaatures and integrating them in the shot, fix holdout on characters to layer them on the ground plate and adding additional interactive shadow and lights from the plate, enhancing contact shadow from the creatures and making them actually is on the ground, BG CG set extension, FG and MG DMP set extension integration to remove light rig and background set, adding 2d rays, bugs and pollen

Shot 6 (Call of the Wild)

Full CG comp, wolf lookdev

Shot 7 (Rampage)

integrating Weta interior render to Hydraulx Exterior render and to the plate. added the FX smoke and fire, and additional stock footage fires for some elements that flies off.

projected the actors head on the stuntmans

Shot 8 (Rampage)

This is a 2 step comp, i have to comp in the background before putting it behind the green screen. comp in stock element smoke, fire, helicopters, comp in matte painting of the destruction, traffic, and boats, added crowd in the field, fixing moire on the background plate. keyed the window and matched the defocus of the background plate and the foreground plate. and as for continuation we have to grade this shot to make it look like early morning.

Shot 9 (Xmen - Dark Phoenix)

Look development for hank (beast) transformation(transition) between human and beast phase.

transition such as veins, color expannsion, eye transformation  and blending from plate to cg, 2d body expansion for beast.

nightcrawler eye, env atmosphere

Shot 8 (Xmen - Dark Phoenix)

Look development for hank (beast) transformation(transition) between human and beast phase.

transition such as veins, color expannsion, eye transformation  and blending from plate to cg, 2d body expansion for beast.


Shot 10 (Aquaman)

Keying FG characters, armor backplate track and integration, rays and lens flare, updated BG lighting passes

Shot 11 (Xmen - Dark Phoenix)

Muzzle flash lookdev, joint creation of tool to automate/ease the interchanging flashes animation, helping the positioning and centering and orienting the flashes which includes layers of pattern for forward orientation that provide a sense of paralax on forward pointing guns, Gun lighting and interactive integration, muzzle flash smoke and atmosphere


Shot 12 (Xmen - Dark Phoenix)

mutant Subdue effect Lookdev



Shot 13 (Beyond Skyline)

Compositing Creature, cleaning up Mocap Actor and integrating Creature render, added muzzle flash and spark and blood for interaction 



Shot 14 (Beyond Skyline)

Comp in CG render and integrating it to the live action plate , added muzzle flash, atmospheric dust, interaction spark and chunk of alien meat flying off its head



Shot 15 (Beyond Skyline)

This shot is done by compositing and integrating multipass 3d render to live action plate with additional 2d light effect haze and animated blood trail

Shot 16 (Beyond Skyline)

On this sequence, i'm working closely with the supervisor to do the lookdev for this sequence

On this shot, I keyed the guy climbing the green screen ladder, scaled him down and put him on the cg environment.

added the background airport and added the blue siren light effects


Shot 18 (Call of the Wild)

Full cg comp,nuke snow particles


Shot 17 (Beyond Skyline)

Cg ship integration, added dust swirl and lens flares and glow

Shot 19 (Call of the Wild)

Full CG comp, BG lookdev

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I am a Visual Effects Compositor based in Canada

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